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Like everyone around the world, the outbreak of COVID-19 presents, without a doubt, a major and evolving challenge. Suddenly, as Tourism Australia’s well executed video says “our world just got a whole lot smaller” (link to “with love from AUS video”).

As we face the obstacles head on, and while we all wait for the world to open back up, we are extending the hand of friendship and adapting. Against a backdrop of closed borders, grounded flights and millions of events globally being postponed or cancelled, COVID-19 has also shown us how solidarity travels beyond borders.

The communication with our international teams and the face to face with clients has never been better. The business events industry thrives on the interaction of people. And COVID-19 has challenged us to the point where we needed to work out how to meet, chat and present in a direct manner.

Our global team are pulling together with our partners, re-inventing and re-shaping how we communicate. We are experimenting with new forms and discovering new ways that we wouldn’t have necessarily considered prior.

We are refining our marketing strategies, increasing digitalisation of communication, implementing wellness options for our now completely remote team working from home. We are testing new processes and learning a lot about old ones too. From this we hope to take away some learnings for the better.

The ID team are closer than ever before. We’ve realised we don’t need an office to have the connection; our bond comes from our support for each other and we now see how much we have grown as a team.

Most of all, while our team may not be out in the field operating, and our creative skills are not being demonstrated on site, we are working to improve, and we are finding new resilience we never knew we had. We are encouraged by the warm hug around Australia that we are seeing. Conversations are shifting, we are dreaming authentically and our commitment to excellence is heightened.

Onwards we journey on this unknown path.

And through this all, we take immense delight and grateful appreciation in the clients who have postponed and will one day be returning to our shores. We look forward to cherishing the day, when it comes, when we will be ready and waiting in eager anticipation to meet face to face.

Till then, stay safe everyone.

Love the ID Events Team in Australia

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