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Creative Suite

Creative Suite

ID Events Australia is a creative events agency. ID has the capability to support your event’s creative journey, specialising in event production services for corporate events and large multimedia presentations. We work together with our clients to refine the event concept, to understand the event objectives, to provide expert advice, to define the creative strategy and to implement and deliver the best audio-visual, production and theming solutions for a seamless event.


Our Creative Suite will organise and manage all facets of production including:

provide event concepts (mood boards)
development of all creative elements
audio visual technical specification, advice and management
manage all venue liaisonsnology to protect personal information and credit card details.
manage event look and feel including table styling
development of customised speaker and event content
video production
set design and build
entertainment sourcing and booking
master of ceremonies and speaker sourcing
stage management
graphic design
design and print management of event collateral and signage
management of all third party suppliers
budget management and reconciliation
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ID will take your story from initial concept and brief through budget, design, pre production to on site production and post production of the event. ID will conceive and meticulously produce live events and experiences which have enduring effects on audiences, affecting decision making and inspiring brand and business loyalty. Live thinking delivers commercial value and return. At ID we believe in storytelling as the foundation of a great brand. Our expertise is in taking a holistic approach to creating brand vision, narrative, creative and visual expression and transformational employee and consumer behaviour that influences culture and creates communities. Smart brand thinking delivering powerful, long-lasting commercial effects.

ID can create one organisational thought with effective business communications. ID will engage, inform, inspire and align your message through compelling business communications.

ID will work with our clients to create relevant conversations that are meaningful and motivational to all participants.

ID will design and deliver powerful and persuasive program communications, through the following channels:

Launch events
Video hype reels
Posters and banners
Emails and SMS
Certificates and trophies
Event & Conference Communication
Smart phone conference App
Social media channels (#twitter #facebook, #linkedin, #vimeo, #you-tube, #instagram)

ID can create a website themed for your event that enables connection with your audience during the critical communication phases; the lead up (for motivation to attend), during the event (for updates and news) and post event (for sharing highlights and memories).

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