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Back to Basics: What do we want in our post COVID-19 world…?

back to basics

Like many full-service Destination and Event Management Companies, COVID-19 has disrupted our workplace and slowed our operations down. The speed of change was rapid, suddenly we were all in this new reality working from home in lockdown. Quite quickly, we decided to take stock and evaluate what is important to us. Why is it we are in the business we are in.

Diving deep into a business self-discovery, one of the first things we realised is that we are not in this business to make money. As oxymoron a statement as that is, it’s the truth. We actually love what we do and have a larger purpose than simply making money, which is evidenced by our passion for the deliverables. Communication, understanding and service – they are the key drivers of Team ID. Making money is kind of a bonus.

Following on from this discovery, a few weeks ago, we undertook a Staff Wellness Study to take the pulse of our team. We wanted to know how they were coping, what stress was present and what had disappeared. How was their physical, psychological, social and emotional wellbeing? Did they have a sense of belonging and significance in what they did?

Our learnings unearthed that the lockdown period reflected a time to re-evaluate lives and changes to lifestyle. Amongst Team ID, and our industry as a whole, there is clearly a desire to focus more on this magical work/life balance that we’ve all heard about. Staff want a meaningful life with sufficient value. Flexibility – in a 24/7 industry with limited time off – our team values the trust we place in them to be there when it matters, and not when it doesn’t.

Control of workspace, acoustic management, daily routines are the current solutions to flexible offices. But what if there is more – what if we can offer our team an even better outcome than the clock in clock out existence of the office real estate?

This may be a question many are grappling with right now with social distancing and other COVID related factors making the full time return to the office undesirable and possibly even untenable.

Whilst we live through this pandemic, and look hopeful to the other side, we are also thinking this through – what does the post COVID workspace look like and should it be the same as it was? We have proved it doesn’t need to be, let’s take a leap into the 21st centuries new workspace and let’s make sure it works for all this time.

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