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The Brief

Manage a four day Conference, five day exhibition, seven official events and ground transport for 5,822 delegates (not including exhibitors and staff)!

The Results

Liaison with multiple stakeholders and government departments ensured seamless ground operations. Nothing was left to chance, and we called and/or attended more than 190 meetings in the six months leading up to the event and developed a 44-page security and risk assessment plan to ensure all operations would run like clockwork and to limit liabilities for the client.

The confidentiality and commitment to execution was never more apparent than during the planning of an “undisclosed” secret dinner – even our team was not allowed to know the guest list! Afterwards our client told us their relationship with us, and our management of their program, was so successful – it will always be a benchmark for them.

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We found ID’s attitude to be unfailingly professional and supportive, not only to ourselves but also to our other on-site partners and suppliers whose experience of dealing with them was equally as good. The core team of ID was always accessible and available and could not have been more creative and solution oriented as the pressure increased towards delivery deadline.

Throughout our many years of hosting and delivering Sibos, we have rarely been able to develop such a close working relationship and feeling of team spirit with a DMC, so our experience of working with ID will always be a benchmark for us in this respect. In fact, we have been asked for many reference letters of this kind and ID is one of only two companies whom we are happy to recommend wholeheartedly. We have always appreciated the great cooperation and friendship we received from them and certainly have no hesitation at all in recommending them.

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